Yesterday we spent some time crafting the planet tokens for the application. We used acrylic paint on the wooden spheres we bought from Joann’s, and I think they turned out pretty good. I’m not that great with crafts and the traditional medium (I’m a little spoiled by Corel Painter X and Photoshop) so it was an interesting challenge. The gaseous planets were hard to paint because we are doing a weird thing where we paint the fluffy part of it using acrylic, and personally, I think it would be better if we just used colored fluff to begin with, but it’s too late at this point and I think they look good enough.

We are also doing some research on what content to include in the application. I don’t think we really have time to implement the minigames that we planned on initially doing, but we will for sure make the application accept user inputs such as the user’s age and weight, and have the application tell them how old they are according to Planet X years and how much they weight according to Planet X’s gravity.

A mild setback we are having is the fact that the Microsoft Surface in the lab apparently is broken, and the HD’s data cannot be salvaged so far. Unfortunately our latest prototype is stored on that HD, and I didn’t think to retrieve it earlier. The main reason I left it on there is because every time we transfer the files, I have to manually fix the image file paths because they are necessarily hard-coded into the file, due to some obscure Microsoft Surface bug that no one knows how to fix. So it’s frustrating, having to port the files back and forth between my computer, the lab computer, and the Surface itself.

Additionally, I had to make some key changes to the file to make the tags work properly on the Surface (it behaves differently from the simulator, for whatever reason), and I just hope I can remember the changes I made two weeks ago, or else I’m just going to have to figure it through trial and error again.

The lesson here is that it’s important to document everything you do for future reference, in case you need to do it all over again, and to keep backup versions of your files, even if they only work on a specific machine.

So far things are going good but the major inconvenience with this project is the fact that I can’t just work on one computer at a time– I can code on my own machine and superficially debug it so that Visual C# doesn’t see any syntax errors, but I can’t make sure it behaves properly until I get to the lab and run it with the simulator. Even then, I can’t make sure that it works on the actual Surface until I try it on the Surface machine.

I’m on campus for Thanksgiving so I will be using much of the time to work on the project and hopefully restore the files back to the way they were before the Surface malfunctioned.