There’s a great scene in the PS3 game “Heavy Rain” that demonstrates a very futuristic, TUI-like device that the character Norman Jayden, an FBI agent, uses to investigate a serial murder case. The device is called the ARI system, and it displays information in a projector-like way whenever Norman “selects” a thing within his surroundings. It can also envelop him in a sort of virtual world where he can sort through the “files” of the case.

It makes more sense to see it in action, so here is a video of the part in the game where you control Norman and use ARI.

The device consists of a pair of glasses, which alter Norman’s vision so he can see the virtual world of ARI and the visualization of data on objects around him, and a glove, which allows Norman to select things in his surroundings for ARI to analyze. This reminded me of the TUI developed at MIT where the user had color-coded finger tips and wore a projector around their neck. They could gesture to things around them, and the TUI would respond to those gestures accordingly.